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Maths in the Kent Test

Key Skills for Kent Test success:

  • Mental arithmetic: accuracy and pace

  • Quick working when written methods are needed

  • An ability to interpret what the question is asking

  • An ability to ‘see’ the relationship between numbers

  • A willingness to take the first step: the whole method isn’t always clear at the start.

Maths Paper Content: An Overview

  • Focus may be on anything taught up to the end of Year 5

    • Skills and knowledge will be assessed

  • Questions might be presented in a new way

  • Questions may combine areas that were taught separately in school

  • Questions are likely to be set to a level ‘above expectations’ for a child at the beginning of Year 6


First things first...

Being able to work quickly is key to having time to answering all of the Kent Test maths questions within the time limit given. To achieve this pace, children absolutely MUST have quick arithmetic skills. Arithmetic games provide our starting point for developing these skills. 

There are many, many maths games included in your Sunnydene Challenge Booklet, and I recommend playing these regularly once you have your copy of the booklet. However, these are a few of my favourites, all of which can be played throughout Year 4 and during Year 5 too. 

500 to 0
Mental Arithmetic Bingo
Factors & Multiples
Guess My Number
Claim The Cards

Maths Vocabulary

Kent Test maths questions are often described as 'wordy' - meaning that the children's first challenge is to identify what they are being asked to work out. It's therefore vital that they have a firm grasp of the meanings of the words that are likely to be included. This is a useful reference sheet, which I suggest you print and keep somewhere easily accessible, so you can refer to it (and work on it) at regular intervals through the year. 

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