Activities to Develop Kent Test Skills



When preparing for the Kent Test, working through tasks from home practice books is important but there are lots of other ways to develop relevant skills as well. Below you will find a list of suggested activities that will help to develop the skills that . Please encourage these activities this year to support the work that we are covering during my Kent Test Preparation Sessions.


To develop English & Verbal Reasoning skills:


  • Frequent reading. Include high-quality fiction, poetry, non-fiction books, newspaper articles, and ‘real-life’ texts such as recipes, road signs & instruction manuals.


  • Play word games - Scrabble, Hangman, Bananagrams, Don't Say It and Boggle are good examples.


  • Complete puzzles such as crosswords and word-searches.



To develop Maths skills:


  • Play online maths games. Try these -



  • Use Maths in everyday situations: Shopping

         - e.g. “If I buy 3 cakes that cost 57p each, how much change will I be given if I           pay with a £5 note?”


  • Use Maths in everyday situations: Baking

         - Using grams, kilograms and millilitres when following recipes will help with       an understanding of metric units.


  • Use Maths in everyday situations: Time

  • Practise reading the time from digital (12 hour & 24 hour) and analogue clocks (including clocks marked with Roman numerals & without numbers).         


  • Use time in everyday problems - e.g. working out what time to leave home to arrive at a destination at a particular time.


  • Interpret bus / train timetables.


  • Practise times tables.

Play number games such as Sum Fun

To develop Non-Verbal Reasoning & Spatial Reasoning skills:




  • Explore & experiment with tangram puzzles.


  • Build with lego.


  • Play minecraft.


  • Play tetris. There are various versions of this available as apps for your phone.


  • Complete spot the difference puzzles.


  • Spot Wally in “Where’s Wally?” books


  • Suduko



To develop test-taking strategies


  • Play games that require quick thinking. Try these -