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Kent Test Information for Parents

What do you need to know?!

I have a wealth of knowledge about the Kent Test and I'm here to share it with you! 

As a starting point, I've shared some information below, but if you have a specific question that you can't find the answer to on this page, just send me a message. I'll share the answer to your question on this page and send you a link!

Parents' Information Sessions

Throughout the year, I'll be hosting information sessions for parents: one for each assessed area of the Kent Test and a few extras for the purposes of answering questions - particularly useful at the start of our work together and as we head towards the test at the end of the summer term.

I'll share links here by email as the date of each session approaches, but you may like to add these dates to your diary  so you don't miss out! These sessions won't be recorded, but a pdf version of the key points that I share will be sent to all subscribers by email the day after the session.

Kent Test Q&A Session:

English in the Kent Test: 

Maths in the Kent Test:

Verbal Reasoning in the Kent Test:

Non-Verbal Reasoning in the Kent Test

Spatial Reasoning in the Kent Test:

Kent Test Q&A Session:

Kent Test Q&A Session:

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