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English in the Kent Test

Key Skills for Kent Test success:​

  • Skim reading: reading at pace gives more time for answering the questions that follow.

  • Read the questions carefully and answer the question that’s been asked!

  • Use a methodical approach.

  • Having a broad vocabulary is going to be essential.

  • Familiarity with complex texts is going to help.

  • Inference skills will be vital: develop these at home by discussing the books that you’re sharing.

  • Good spelling, punctuation and grammar skills will be needed.

English Paper Content: Question Types

  • Comprehension

    • Retrieval and Inference Questions​

    • Vocabulary Questions

    • Questions about word classes

    • Questions about language techniques

  • Proof-Reading

    • Spelling​

    • Grammar

    • Punctuation

Year 5 & 6 Spelling List

These are words to target learning the spellings of during Year 5, as this list gives a useful starting point for the words that we should sensibly assume might be included in the Kent Test spelling task.

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