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Verbal Reasoning in the Kent Test

Key Skills for Kent Test success:

  • Fabulous vocabulary

    • Definitions

    • Antonyms & synonyms

    • Connections between words’ meanings

  • An ability to work steadily and methodically; following examples provided accurately

  • Familiarisation with multiple types of questions for confidence


Verbal Reasoning Paper: Important Information

​Familiarisation with multiple question-types is vital BUT new question-types are regularly included to prevent ‘coaching’ for the test, so a problem-solving approach to verbal reasoning is vital.

First things first...

Much of the Verbal Reasoning content of the Kent Test is vocabulary-based. Children absolutely MUST have super problem-solving skills, and a broad and varied vocabulary to be able to answer the questions that will be posed. Word games provide our starting point for developing these skills. 

There are LOTS of word games included in the Sunnydene Challenge Booklet, but I've shared a few of my favourites below so you can start playing straight away!

Word Chains
Make 7
Dictionary Dash
A-Z Challenge

Some parents find it useful to work through lists of words with their children, focussing on just a few words each day, so gradually broadening their child's vocabulary throughout the year.

For this reason, I've created 6 vocabulary lists - one for each term of Year 5.

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