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Spatial Reasoning in the Kent Test

Key Skills for Kent Test success:

  • Keen observation skills

  • An ability to work steadily and methodically; following the examples provided accurately

  • Familiarisation with multiple types of questions for confidence

Spatial Reasoning: What is it?

Spatial reasoning questions are about working with 3D shapes and about manipulating shapes and space. There are many different ways that spatial reasoning skills may be assessed in the Kent Test, but some examples of question-types would be:

  •   Reflections and rotations

  •   Hole-punched squares

  •   Nets & Cubes


First things first...

Working through sets of practice questions is vital for familiarisation of multiple question-types ahead of the test - and for building confidence. However, it's very likely that new question-types will be included in the spatial reasoning section of the Kent Test, so it's the underlying skills that we need to develop - not just the steps needed to correctly answer sets of questions.

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