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Mixed Kent Test Challenges and Puzzles

Key Skills for Kent Test success:

  • Great problem-solving skills.

  • An ability to look at a new type of question or problem calmly.

  • An ability to take what you know and apply it to a new situation.

Puzzles: Why are they important?

Trying lots of different types of puzzles helps with much of the thinking that will be needed in the Kent Test. Interpreting instructions and thinking about new kinds of challenges will support the techniques needed for tackling the many different types of reasoning questions that we should expect to appear in the Kent Test - particularly the new question-types that appear each year, and which we don't have the option of working on beforehand because they're new and don't appear in any of the practice material that we have available to us.

Solving puzzles also helps with the development of resilience - another important Kent Test skill. 

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