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Non-Verbal Reasoning in the Kent Test

Key Skills for Kent Test success:

  • Keen observation skills

  • An ability to work steadily and methodically; following the examples provided accurately

  • Familiarisation with multiple types of questions for confidence

Non-Verbal Reasoning Paper: Important Information

Non-Verbal reasoning questions are about recognising and working with the relationships between shapes.

There are multiple non-verbal reasoning question-types but they all focus on either:

  •   Similarities between shapes

  •   Differences between shapes

  •   Changes between shapes – patterns and analogies


First things first...

Working through sets of practice questions is vital for familiarisation of multiple question-types ahead of the test - and for building confidence. However, developing observation skills must be the focus of our early Kent Test preparation work. With keen observation skills, the more formal practice questions are much easier to manage.

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