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The Ultimate Guide to the 2025 Kent Test
Confidently Navigate the Kent Test with Sunnydene Tutoring's Kent Test Toolkit


Unlock your child's potential with Sunnydene Tutoring's comprehensive guide to maximising your child's performance on the day of the Kent Test. 


Navigate the Kent Test with confidence using Sunnydene Tutoring's complete package for Kent Test preparation.


With the Sunnydene roadmap to complete Kent Test familiarisation, you'll have everything you need to ensure that your child is fully prepared - and ready to reveal their true potential - on Kent Test day.

  • Access online resources, recorded lessons, and extra information videos at your convenience.

  • Have all your questions answered by an expert in Kent Test preparation.

  • Discover how best to support your child in their Kent Test preparation, whilst reducing stress and anxiety for the whole family.

  • Let me guide you through the process: together we can achieve the best for your child.


Every day:


  • Widen your understanding of the expectations of the Kent Test with access to detailed information sheets.

  • Watch video explanations for answers to a wide range of frequently asked Kent Test-related questions.

  • Play games, explore activities and tackle question sheets with your child, at your own pace, for extra engagement with Sunnydene Tutoring's Kent Test practice material.


Every week:


  • Watch a recorded lesson with your son or daughter at home, and work together through the tasks suggested.

  • Tackle high-quality, representative practice questions, which link to each week's recorded lesson, to develop Kent Test skills and consolidate vital existing knowledge.

  • Engage with my recorded weekly Q&A sessions: submit your questions and I’ll answer them for you - before sharing the video in the 'information' section, for an ever growing bank of Kent Test information as we progress through the year.

  • Learn more about the Kent Test from the Sunnydene weekly email newsletter.


Every month:


  • Come along to a ‘Drop In’ clinic at Sunnydene Tutoring   for individual support with areas of difficulty, including:

    • Help with specific question-types,

    • Guidance on individual difficulties,

    • Personalised advice on improving test strategies.


Every term:


  • Read the termly overview of areas for focus as we progress though Year 5; follow my guidance for a stress-free preparation journey for you and your child.

  • Attend a live 'Parents' Information Session' each term, during which I'll provide invaluable details of the pace, format and content of the assessed areas of the Kent Test.

  • Work through the Sunnydene Tutoring Holiday Activity Packs - full to bursting with themed practice tasks - to keep brains active during the Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays.



Provide your child with the very best opportunity to reveal their true potential on the day of their Kent Test. Work with me as I guide you through your child's Kent Test preparation during Year 5, and together we'll ensure they're ready to achieve their best on Kent Test day.


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