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Week beginning 11th March

Updated: Mar 12

Good morning!

This week my sessions will have a maths focus, and we'll be focussing specifically on fractions, percentages and decimals - looking at the relationships between them and how to use those relationships to effectively and efficiently compare and order sets of values.

We'll also have a quick look at some spatial reasoning hidden shapes questions.

Homework this week is another maths and another English practice task from the children's books please. I'll be giving guidance on the next stage of timing these tasks next week.

I will shortly be ordering a set of reasoning books for each of my Kent Test pupils.

Ready for use during the summer term, each child will have a verbal reasoning, a non-verbal reasoning and a spatial reasoning book, for extra practice at home between sessions. I'll share more information about how I would like these books used when I distribute them.

If you have any of these books already at home then please let me know, so I don't charge you for a second copy!

The (reduced) cost of these books will be added to your invoice for next term, along with the cost of an Easter Holiday Activity Pack, which I would like all of the children to work through please.

I have used my holiday packs as a way of giving the children sight and experience of a range of Kent Test questions that are of types that don't appear in any of the published practice books (yet) but which have been used in the Kent Test in the last few years. Those of you who have been able to join my Zoom information sessions will be aware of this shift in question-type towards new and different types of questions, and - in light of this shift - it's vital that we expose the children to as many different types of questions as possible, rather than teaching them the techniques for a limited range of question-types.

I will be sharing my Easter holiday homework pack in a post at the end of next week, so please do check for that at the point you're ready to download it. The pack doesn't need to be printed and answers are included so you can mark the completed work and then please just let me know of any problems or difficulties that arise. Beyond knowing of any big challenges that arise whilst completing the tasks included in the pack, I don't need to collect scores or see the completed work - although I'm (of course) happy to look at anything that the children do that they're particularly proud of!

I'll be sending invoices for next term at the end of this week, and payment will be due by Thursday 21st March please to secure your child's spot for term 5.

Our final term-time sessions of this term will be next week (during the week beginning Monday 18th March) and term 5 will resume on Monday 15th April. Many of you have already booked sessions for the Easter holiday; if you haven't please do so as soon as possible as spaces are now limited in almost all of my holiday sessions for the Easter break.

Please check back next week for more information, including details of next Saturday's (23rd March) Spatial Reasoning Information Session.

Thank you 😊

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