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Week beginning 15th January

Hello again!

Our work this week will continue to be comprehension-based and this week we'll be tackling our first 'formal' comprehension activity. It will be presented in a way that the children will enjoy, but we'll be using a multiple-choice answer sheet to record our answers and I'll be asking the children to work individually so I will have a good idea of their comprehension skills after today's session. I will be contacting you individually by email if a little more comprehension work is needed and giving guidance on some routes to providing this.

A few parents have asked when the Kent Test is going to be. The short answer is that we don't know yet...

The Kent Test has historically always been on a Thursday at the start of September but the exact date isn't made public until the Spring. Based on the date of the test in previous years, the most likely date seems to be Thursday 5th September. However, the Medway test will be a week later than usual this year, so it is possible that the Kent Test will be delayed too, meaning that my second best guess for the test date would be Thursday 12th September. Either way, I will be supporting my current pupils through the school summer holiday and up until the date of their test. I'll share the date with you as soon as I know it.

Homework this week is a task designed to practise observation skills, in preparation for some spatial reasoning work during our session next week.

You'll find 3 images below. There are hidden objects in each image and homework is to try to find all of the objects shown under each picture. There's one object in one of the pictures that I haven't been able to find this morning (despite spending a long time looking) so some careful searching is likely to be needed! These images do not need to be printed and I won't be collecting this homework - simply tackling the task and working hard to find as many of the hidden objects as possible is sufficient for what I'm hoping to achieve by setting this activity as homework.

Homework picture 1
Download PDF • 1.51MB

Homework picture 2
Download PDF • 1.13MB

Homework picture 3
Download PDF • 1.07MB

Finally, a reminder that I will be online at 9.30am on Saturday 20th January, for my information session on Verbal Reasoning. This is a 90-minute Zoom session, which I hope will be useful. I'll start with a run through of verbal reasoning in the Kent Test, including example questions and information about how the verbal reasoning questions in the Kent Test have changed in the last couple of years, and there will then be time for your questions before we finish.

The link to join the session is:

I hope to see lots of you there!

I don't record my sessions. I do have a pdf of the key points that I share, available to anyone who isn't able to join the session, but please join me if you can.

That's all for now but please check back next week for more info.

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Hi Jeni, Louis (and his little sister) wanted me to ask if it is by any chance the giraffe in picture 1 that you struggled to find...?!

Replying to

No, it was the sheep in picture one, but someone helped me find it yesterday! 🙂

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