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Week beginning 27th November: Homework and my second Zoom info session.

Our first activity this week will be to mark last week's non-verbal reasoning homework and to re-work any questions that have been incorrectly answered, with me modelling my approach for the most effective and efficient techniques to use. I would suggest that (at this stage of the year) a score of 4 out of 6 would be a sensible target but not achieving this target score doesn't need to be a cause for concern - it just lets me know that we need to do a bit of extra work in this area, and we still have plenty of time for that.

My main focus this week will be on reading comprehension and we'll be completing an introductory comprehesion task as part of our session work. We'll also be practising skim reading and scanning of a text as part of this week's work. You'll find some useful extra practice tasks for developing these skills at .

Completing these activities is this week's (optional but valuable) homework task.

This coming Saturday (2nd December) I'll be online (from 9.30am until 11am) for my Kent Test Parents' Maths Information Session. As with my English session, I'll first be sharing information about the format of the maths portion of the Kent and there will then be the opportunity for questions. I'll be happy to answer questions relating either to the maths information that I've shared or questions that are about the Kent Test more generally.

I don't record my sessions but do have a pdf version of the presentation, which I'm happy to share with anyone who isn't able to attend. This is a summary of the information that I'll be sharing though and won't include information regarding my answers to the questions that I'm asked during the session, so please do join the meeting if you're able. This is the link:

Please check back next week for next week's homework and more information.

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