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Week beginning Monday 19th February - Term 4!

Welcome back to term 4. I hope the half-term break went smoothly for you.

My sessions this week will be focussed on maths - with a particular emphasis on negative numbers and co-ordinates, although we will be working through some representative Kent Test maths questions too.

I'm not setting specific homework this week but will ask that at least one more maths and one more English task are completed from your English and maths practice books - using the timing guidance that I shared in my last post. (For anyone who hasn't already been given their books, these are here waiting for you and I'll be distributing them this week.)

As a reminder, I will be on Zoom from 9.30am until 11am this coming Saturday (24th February) for my Non-Verbal Reasoning Parents' Information Session. Please do join me if you can. I'll start with an explanation of non-verbal reasoning in the Kent Test before sharing some example questions. There will then be the opportunity for questions - relating to non-verbal reasoning, or more generally about the Kent Test - during the second part of the session.

To join the session, please use this link:

If you haven't already booked sessions for the Easter holiday then please do consider doing so in the next couple of weeks. Some of my Easter sessions are already full and I can add duplicate sessions if demand requires it, but as more of my individual session 'slots' for the holiday are booked this becomes more difficult for me to do - so do please book any sessions that you'd like as soon as you're able, and let me know if a group session that you'd like to book is full already. For a reminder of what's available through the Easter holiday, please look back at my post from 8th January.

I'm aware that some parents are already thinking ahead to the school summer holiday too as I have received several emails in the last few weeks from parents asking about my summer holiday schedule. I'll share more details of what will be available in next week's post.

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