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Welcome back for the summer term!

Sadly, it seems that no-one told the weather that this is now the summer term but, nonetheless, here we are...

It was lovely to see so many of my pupils during the Easter break and I'm looking forward to starting back to our weekly term-time sessions this week.

I'll be distributing reasoning books this week, and suggest that one task from each book is completed each week now, alongside a task from the maths and a task from the English books that I've distributed previously. Each task will take no more than 10 minutes to complete at this stage (as the non-verbal and spatial reasoning tasks have shorter time limits) and we are now working with the time limits suggested at the top of each test attempted. My targets for this stage of the year, for any child who is working at the level we would expect of a potential grammar school pupil, is for around 75 - 80% of the questions to be answered correctly, so working through the questions that were answered incorrectly shouldn't be taking too long at this stage. In total these practice tasks, if one task from each book is being completed each week, should be taking somewhere around an hour and a quarter; I'm hopeful that (spread across your week) this isn't too arduous, but if this level of work at home causes genuine ongoing difficulties then please let me know.

This Saturday, I will be online from 9.30am until 11am, to answer all of your Kent Test questions. This will be similar to the Zoom sessions that I hosted at the very beginning of the year in that I won't be sharing specific information in the way that I have done recently for my subject-focussed Zoom information sessions, but I'll be available to answer any questions that you have at this stage of the year, about the test itself or about preparation from now on.

You don't have to join for the whole session, but if you do have a question for me - or would like to hear what other parents are wondering about right now - then please join me, using this link to access the meeting:

With the Easter holiday behind us, I'm now receiving emails asking about summer sessions, and I know that some of you are keen to find out more about my schedule for 'mocks'.

The first of my 'mock' tests for the year were during the Easter holiday, but I also have practice tests scheduled for the following dates:

18th May

15th June

29th June

13th July

27th July

2nd August

7th August

9th August

14th August

16th August

21st August

23rd August

I have 2 sets of test papers, so my pupils can come along to either one or two 'mocks', but please don't book more that 2 sessions as I don't have the practice test material to accommodate that. There are a range of feedback 'packages' available and details of what's included in each of these is on my website; please check the packages and select the package that best reflects the level of feedback that you'd like.

For those of you who are already thinking ahead to the summer holiday, details of my Summer Holiday Working Group Sessions can be found at here:

Dates for my (always popular) STIQ Kent Test board game sessions through the summer can be found at:

Dates for my summer holiday Kent Test Story Writing Workshop Sessions (for anyone who hasn't already been along to one of these) are at:

Individual Sessions for the school summer holiday can be booked at:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns then do let me know. If your questions or concerns are specific to your son or daughter then please contact me directly. If your question is more general, and something that other parents may also be interested in knowing about then please join my Q&A session on Saturday, if you're available. I hope to see you then!

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