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Kent Test Online Course: Introduction/Task One

Kent Test Online Course: Introduction/Task One



Thank you for interest in my Online Kent Test Preparation Course. This is the first of the 30 lessons that the course contains and it's available for free to give you a taster of what I'm offering. This first lesson is slightly shorter than the others as it has been written as an introductory letter to explain to your child what the Kent Test is, what it involves and how we will work together to prepare.


Each of the lessons in my Kent Test course is presented as either a letter to your child, a video of me explaining a concept or as a combination of the two. There will be sets of practice questions included as we progress through the course, which will be related to each of the Kent  Test question-types that we tackle together. Initially you may need to work through these questions with your child, but as we progress through the preparation course there will be increasing numbers of tasks for your child to complete independently. Your involvement in the process will remain key though, as you support your child to follow the guidance and instructions that I give within each lesson, encourage them as they complete the tasks, and support them as I challenge them to think about sometimes difficult concepts in new ways.


At the end of each of my 'tasks' you will find a 'Notes for Parents' section too. In this section, I may give you extra information and guidance, answers to sets of questions that I have set, explanations of these answers where necessary, or details of where you can find extra practice questions for your child to work through. The information included in this section will vary, dependent upon the lesson focus, but it will always be useful!


I believe my Online Kent Test Preparation Course is unique. It's easy to find multiple sets of practice questions online, but when you ask your child to repeatedly work through sets of practice questions, what you are doing is testing them - over and over again. Assessing a child's current abilities is a key element of the teaching process, but when we're working towards improving the necessary skills then we need to teach your child these skills before we test them. This is where my aproach differs: my Online Kent Test Preparation Course consists of 30 lessons, during which I teach your child the skills, knowledge and techniques that they will need in order to achieve their best on the day of the Kent Test. Practice questions are included as part of my package but my course is far, far more than simply a set of Kent Test questions - it's a complete preparation package for you to work through with your child, at home and at your own pace, and I'm here to guide you whenever you need me - all you have to do is use the booking system on my website to book a phone call so that we can have a chat. I'm happy to answer quick questions by email, but for a longer chat about your child's progress or to ask for additional advice, I request that a phone call is schedule. The charge for a call of up to 30 minutes will be £15.


Please note that not all of my tasks are showing in my shop at the current time. I will add the remaining tasks in good time for them to be used as your child progresses through Year 5. Each subsequent task will cost £10 to download and my guidance is that you download and work through the tasks at a rate of one per term-time week.


Once you've read and digested the contents of this first document, please get in touch if you would like any further information before deciding whether this route for Kent Test preparation is the right choice for you and your child.


Kindest regards,


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