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Kent Test Online Course: Task Eleven

Kent Test Online Course: Task Eleven

My focus in Task 11 of my Kent Test Online Course is vocabulary, which is important for many of the Verbal Reasoning questions of the Kent Test as well as for the English section.


In Task 11, you will find:

  • A reminder to your child that they should be reading frequently and from a wide range of sources.
  • A link to a useful source of book recommendations for KS2 pupils.
  • Verbal Reasoning vocabulary-based example questions, with explanations of how to tackle each type of question.
  • Links to online games that I have created specifically for practise of Kent Test vocabulary questions.
  • A simple suggestion for continuing to focus on (and develop) vocabulary throughout Year 5.
  • A set of 21 Kent Test practice questions, with an associated multiple-choice answer sheet on which to note answers. As always, answers are provided too!
  • A puzzle sheet for practise of relevant Kent Test skills.
  • A 'Notes for Parents' section, giving further guidnce and information in relation to the work provided in this task.
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