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Kent Test Online Course: Task Seven

Kent Test Online Course: Task Seven

This task has been written to practise and develop maths skills and includes the following:

  • A short letter to your child explaining their maths task.
  • A short video giving further detail of the method to use for tackling the task.
  • A Practice Maths Test, containing 25 questions representative of the questions that may be asked in the Kent Test.
  • An answer sheet so that parents can easily mark their child's work.
  • Information for parents, which relates to the Kent Test maths paper.
  • Explanations of my suggested methods for answering each of the 25 questions.
  • Details of further practice questions to reinforce the maths skills required for the Kent Test.
  • A puzzle sheet, which provides an opportunity to practise some of the skills that we have already covered together and to consolidate knowledge from parts of the Year 5 maths and English curriculum, in a fun an easily accessible format.
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