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Kent Test Online Course: Task Six

Kent Test Online Course: Task Six

This task introduces two types of Spatial Reasoning question. Spatial Reasoning is a form of Non-Verbal Reasoning but relates more to 3D shapes and the ability to mentally manipulate and visualise shape and space, whereas Non-Verbal Reasoning relates to 2D shapes and patterns.


Many 11+ tests contain limited Spatial Reasoning questions: the Net & Cube questions are a popular example and appear in most 11+ practice books. However, the Kent Test paper has historically contained a far broader range of Spatial Reasoning questions than this, with new questions appering each year. My course aims to develop reasoning skills, rather than 'coach' children in the techniques for answering  specific types of questions, so that children are not phased when a new type of question is presented,


I will explore many different types of Spatial Reasoning questions throughout my Kent Test course and the first set of these are the focus of this task. Question sheets and answer sheets are included, as well as detailled instructions of how to tackle these types of questions.


This task also contains the first of my 'Puzzle Sheets', which will now form a part of each future task. Each of these sheets will include questions based on work that we have done together previously, as well as questions based on the English and maths work that will have been covered at school, so will serve as ideal reinforcement and consolidation of previously learnt skills and knowledge.

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