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Kent Test Online Course: Task Three

Kent Test Online Course: Task Three

English skills are key when we consider the Kent Test. In this lesson, I begin to support your child as they work to develop their language skills in the required areas.


As we progress together through my Kent Test preparation course, you will find that some of the information that I provide is given in video format and some is given in written form, presented as a set of letters to your child. The information in letter form has been specifically written to provide your child with additional practise of their language skills: I have deliberately used varied language and included some challenging words, as a way of further developing your child's reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills, even when our main focus isn't English. By supporting your child to independently read and undertand my 'letters' you are giving them additional and invaluable reading opportunities, which will help to develop their comprehension skills, every time I provide a task in this format.


This task provides details of the first of our English tasks, for you to complete together.

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