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Kent Test Online Course: Task Twenty One

Kent Test Online Course: Task Twenty One

This task continues our Reasoning work, with the introduction of another 2 question-types, which are closely linked. One of these is a type of verbal reasoning question and the other is a type of non-verbal reasoning question. I explain these in a video and in an accompanying 'letter'.


This task includes:

  • Detailed, step-by-step, explanations of 'Word Analogy' and 'Shape Analogy'  Reasoning questions.
  • An explanation of a useful technique for tackling Shape Analogy questions, when they are initially being practised.
  • Sheets of practice questions for these question-types, with answers provided. 
  • A vocabulary development activity.
  • A puzzle sheet for revision and consolidation of vital Kent Test knowledge.
  • A 'Notes for Parents' sheet, providing useful guidance.
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