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Year 5: Kent Test Summer Holiday Practice Pack

Year 5: Kent Test Summer Holiday Practice Pack

My 'Kent Test Summer Holiday Practice Pack' is a set of informal tasks, designed for children who have just finished Year 5 and who will be taking the Kent Test at the start of their Year 6. Each task has been specifically designed to provide practice of skills that will be relevant and useful for any child taking the Kent Test.


It's incredible how quickly children can forget when they don't use their skills regularly and a little work each day really is the best way to ensure that your child’s hard-earned knowledge so far doesn’t go to waste. Any child who arrives back at school in September with their minds active and ‘raring to go’ will be at a significant advantage as compared to any child who hasn’t done any school work for the six weeks of the school holiday - insisting on a little work each day is a really easy way to ensure that your child gains that extra advantage.


My Summer Holiday Practice Pack activities have been designed to be enjoyable. The pack has been designed to be completed at a rate of one task per day of the school summer holiday preceding the Kent Test, although a little flexibility can be used. Each day's challenge is different: some days I suggest a practical task, other days I give a link to a specially created online activity, and sometimes the day's activity is a game or a short writing task. The length of each task will vary slightly, but each task (with the exception of the writing tasks which will take a little longer) should take around 30 minutes to complete, and will provide practice of relevant and useful skills for anyone taking the Kent Test in September.


You will need a password to access the Practice Pack. Your password will appear on the ‘Thank you’ page that you will see after your payment has been processed. Please make a note of your password when it appears on your screen as you will need this every time you access the activity pack.


Previous feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so I very much hope that you will find this pack useful too.

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