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KS2 Kent Test Challenge Booklet
  • KS2 Kent Test Challenge Booklet

    When parents ask me what to focus on at home, ahead of the start of focussed Kent Test sessions in Year 5, I have 2 answers: mental arithmetic and vocabulary. 


    Mental arithmetic forms the basis of the maths work that the children will be working on during their Kent Test preparation, and a focus on developing quick and rapid agility with numbers will ensure that they're working at the pace required by the Kent Test too. 


    Having a broad and varied vocabulary is absolutely essential for the English and for the verbal reasoning sections of the Kent Test - there will undoubtedly be some challenging words included in both of these portions of the test. Reading is a useful tool for exposing children to new vocabulary, but playing word games is a lot of fun and is another valuable route to ensuring that they're familiar with a wide range of vocabulary by the time of the test at the start of Year 6.


    The Sunnydene Tutoring Challenge Booklet is a 48-page booklet, full to bursting with games and activities to develop these foundation skills of superb vocabulary and accurate mental arithmetic, both of which will be needed to successfully tackle the Kent Test.


    There's a reading challenge and an activity tracker too, so you can keep a note of the games played and the books read at home, as a way of encouraging regular engagement with the tasks. 


    Many of the tasks in the booklet don't need any extra equipment at all, and those that do will just need letter tiles, playing cards or dice - equipment that you'll either have at home already or which you can easily obtain.


    Start working through the Sunnydene Challenge Booklet during Year 4 and you'll be ensuring solid foundations for Kent Test preparations in Year 5. Buy online now for instant download or send me a quick message if you'd prefer a printed version.

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