Kent Test Tutoring Options

All of my Kent Test Preparation Sessions have been carefully planned to thoroughly prepare my pupils for the Kent Test.  During my sessions, we will practise working accurately and quickly in all of the areas that are assessed during the Kent Test, as well as looking together at the Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning elements of the Kent Test (which are not covered by the school curriculum).


Each session lasts an hour and, during our time together, your child will build on their existing knowledge and skills, their confidence and their experience of test-taking through my structured programme of sessions and home practice work.

Towards the end of their Kent Test Preparation time, all of my pupils have the opportunity to take a series of Kent Test Practice Papers which I have specifically written to replicate the format and timings of the Kent Test, in a way that most published Practice Papers do not. My Kent Test Practice Paper (or "Mock") Sessions have been planned to give my pupils the best possible practice experience, enabling them to feel calm and confident on the day of the Kent Test.

The sessions I offer are focused on preparing each child for the Kent Test rather than coaching the child to “pass”.  I offer a friendly, encouraging and positive approach, competitively priced sessions and regular feedback. My ultimate aim is for each child to feel confident, prepared and ready to achieve their best on Kent Test day.

Attending group Kent Test sessions during term-times, and complementing these group sessions with individual Kent Test sessions during school holidays (and on staff training days if you wish), provides the most thorough method of Kent Test preparation.  Using this approach, I deliver the initial input for the Kent Test question-types in a group setting and then ask that individual sessions are booked for during school holidays and on staff training days to enable me to work on an individual basis with each child, focusing solely on any elements of our work together that they are finding challenging. Following the huge success of my Group Sessions in recent years, and positive feedback from my pupils and their parents, I am now recommending this approach for all of my Kent Test pupils.


Beginning in September 2021, for children who will be taking the Kent Test in 2022, I am excited to be launching my Online Kent Test Preparation Course. For children who aren't able to commit to weekly sessions, or who would prefer to work at home with the support of an adult they already know well, I recommend my NEW online route to complete Kent Test Preparation. This is an opportunity to benefit from my teaching expertise and my Kent Test knowledge whilst working with your child at home. The course consists of a set of ‘letters’ that I have written to your child, videos that I have created and resources that I have developed, to guide you and your child through the techniques required to tackle all of the Kent Test question-types, in 30 easy to follow 'tasks'. Each task can be downloaded individually from my online shop, so you work through the course at your own pace. If ever you need extra guidance or have questions, I'm available to support you by email or by phone. Task One is an introduction to the Kent Test and is available to download for free as a 'taster'. 

If you would like to discuss the best route for your child's Kent Test preparation then please send me a message. I'd love to hear from you!