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Privacy Notice

12th January 2024


The personal data I collect will only be used for:

  • ensuring that my tutoring sessions are conducted in a safe environment for your child

  • providing you with regular feedback relating to your child’s tutoring sessions

  • contacting you with information relevant to our tutoring agreement

  • contacting you (or another named contact) in the event of an emergency situation during a tutoring session.


My legal bases for processing the data are:

  • Contractual fulfilment
    The information I request is necessary for me to fulfil my tutoring obligations.

  • Legitimate interest
    The processing of the data I request is not a legal requirement but is of clear benefit to my clients.
    My collection of the requested information results in limited privacy impacts to my clients.
    My clients should reasonably expect me to collect and use the information I request for the purposes stated.
    I am unable to fulfil my tutoring obligations to the best of my ability without the requested information.


The categories of data collected and stored for each pupil are:

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • School attended

  • Dietary requirements / allergies

  • Names and telephone numbers for emergency contacts (including details of their relationship to the pupil)


Consent - By providing me with your information, you are agreeing for me to use your information for the purposes identified. I will not use your information for any other purpose. Your information will be stored securely, will be accessible only to me and members of the Sunnydene Tutoring team, will be used only for purposes relating to my engagement with you in a tutoring capacity and will be destroyed at the end of our engagement. Details relating to our tutoring agreement will not be shared with anyone who is not a member of the Sunnydene Tutoring team .


Emergency contact details and any relevant food allergy or medical information provided will remain accessible for immediate use during sessions if necessary.

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