Kent Test Home Practice Books

If you've already had a look for some Kent Test practice books online or in a book shop then you will have seen that there are many, many books available. There are 10-minute tests, quick tests, practice tests, practice papers, books for GL tests, books for CEM tests and books for different age groups, and that's before we consider whether an English book or a comprehension book would be better; should we focus on maths word problems, mental arithmetic or KS2 maths revision? It's a little confusing for many parents, so I have done the research for you...

The books that I recommend my pupils use at the start of our preparation work together have been carefully selected to offer short bursts of practise in the question-types that pupils should expect to be asked during the Kent Test. Initially, timing is less important than familiarity with the question-types but once we are at a stage in our preparation where we can begin to consider pace as well, then these books also provide a good guide to our target speed for answering Kent Test questions. 

At the start of our Kent Test Preparation work, I will ask you to buy each of the following books for your child. I will occasionally use these books during our sessions but, in general, these practice books are for use at home. I will provide guidance as to which tasks to complete and the methods to use for completion so, for now, all you need to do is click each of the links below and buy the books! For each book purchased, I will receive a very small commission from Amazon but the main reason that I ask you to use the links below to purchase your child's home practice books is to ensure that you buy the correct version of each book. There are multiple versions of each practice book - for different exam boards, for different aged children and for different revisions of the same title - but these are the books that I would like each of my pupils to be working from.


Just click on each image when you're ready to buy.


If you find that any of the books are out of stock when you try to order then please contact me and I will update the link. Please do not buy an alternative version of any of the books without contacting me first.

Towards the middle-part of the year, some pupils find that they complete their first set of home practice books. For those pupils, I generally recommend the books that I have linked to below. However, these books may not be the best recommendation for all of my pupils and so I would ask that you contact me before purchasing.