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Kent Test Practice Material

                                                                              If you've already had a look for some Kent Test practice books                                                                                        online or in a book shop then you will have seen that there are                                                                                        many, many books available. There are 10-minute tests, quick t                                                                                    tests, practice tests, practice papers, books for GL tests, books                                                                                      for CEM tests and books for different age groups, and that's                                                                                          before we consider whether an English book or a comprehension                                                                                  book would be better; should we focus on maths word problems,                                                                                  mental arithmetic or KS2 maths revision? It's a little confusing for                                                                                many parents, so I have done the research for you...

The books that I recommend have been carefully selected to offer short bursts of practice in the question-types that pupils should expect to be asked during the Kent Test. Initially, timing is less important than familiarity with the question-types but once we begin to consider pace as well, then these books also provide a good guide to our target speed for answering Kent Test questions. 

At the start of my Kent Test Preparation work each year, I will

provide my pupils' parents with details of the practice material

that I suggest my pupils use at home, in support of the

Kent Test work that we complete during our sessions.


Every Sunnydene Kent Test pupil will be given a bag, with a

Sunnydene Tutoring Kent Test folder', to keep everything

together  - and easy to find for our weekly sessions.


If your child is not one of my pupils, but you're looking for advice regarding the best practice books to use for Kent Test familiarisation, then just click the button below and I'll send you my personalised recommendations.

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