Session Term Dates for 2020-2021​​​​

  • The 2021 Kent Test is scheduled for Thursday 9th September. Group and Individual Sessions for my 2021 Kent Test pupils will take place, according to our term-time schedule for the year, from Thursday 2nd September until Wednesday 8th September.


Session Term Dates

 School Year 2021-2022


  • Term 1: Monday 20th September - Friday 22nd October 2021


  • Term 2: Monday 1st November 2021 – Friday 17th December 2021

             Please note that there will not be sessions on Thursday 4th November​


  • Term 3: Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Friday 11th February 2022

            Please note that there will not be sessions on Friday 4th February


  • Term 4: Monday 28th February 2022 – Friday 1st April 2022


  • Term 5: Tuesday 19th April 2022 – Friday 27th May 2022

            Please note that there will not be sessions on Monday 2nd May


  • Term 6: Monday 6th June 2022 – Friday 1st July 2022

  • Summer Holiday Sessions - July & August 2022

    • Individual Sessions, Group Sessions & Group "Mock" Test Sessions will be available during the school holiday , with a choice of dates to suit your child's availability​.

  • Once the date of the 2022 Kent Test is announced, I will contact parents with information about sessions during the weeks between the start of the new school year and the Kent Test date.



Sessions on other dates will also be available. Please use my booking calendar to see details of the sessions that are available, to check my availability and to book any additional sessions that you require.

Fees are payable in cash, online or by bank transfer by the Friday before the 1st session of each set.

Invoices will be sent prior to the start of each set of sessions.