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Sunnydene Tutoring Term Dates

School Year 2023-2024


  • Term 1: Monday 25th September 2023 – Friday 20th October 2023

    • Invoice due date for term 1: 7th September​


  • Term 2: Monday 30th October 2023 – Friday 15th December 2023

    • Invoice due date for term 2: 19th October​

  • Term 3: Monday 8th January 2024 - Friday 9th February 2024 

    • Invoice due date for term 3: 14th December​

  • Term 4: Monday 19th February 2024 - Friday 22nd March 2024

    • Invoice due date for term 4: 8th February​

  • Term 5: Monday 15th April 2024 - Friday 24th May 2024

    • Invoice due date for term 5: 21st March​

There will not be sessions on 6th May as this is a Bank Holiday.

  • Term 6: Monday 3rd June 2024 - Friday 19th July 2024

    • Invoice due date for term 6: 23rd May​

Additional Sessions for Kent Test pupils:

  • Summer Holiday Kent Test Sessions: from 22nd July 2024 until schools return in September

    • Individual Sessions, Group Sessions & Group "Mock" Kent Test Sessions will be available during the school holiday , with a choice of dates to suit your child's availability​.

  • Kent Test  group sessions will also be available during the Christmas and Easter school holidays.

  • Holiday sessions and sessions on days when schools are closed for staff training can be booked using my online booking calendar.

  • Once the date of the 2024 Kent Test is announced, I will contact parents with information about sessions during the weeks between the start of the new school year and the Kent Test date.

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