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Tutoring Sessions

Useful Information & Terms and Conditions

Tutoring Sessions


Sunnydene Tutoring term time tutoring sessions last an hour and take place weekly. Sessions will also be available during some school holidays but these must be booked separately from any regularly scheduled term-time sessions.  Sessions are payable termly, in advance and payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by card. I reserve the right to add a £10 'late payment' fee to invoices that are past their due date.

Once a set of Group Sessions has been paid for, refunds will not be issued for any missed sessions but I will make details of the work missed available so that you can work through the main elements of the session content with your child at home if you wish.

If you need to cancel an Individual Session after it has been scheduled, I always appreciate as much notice as possible. If a booked session is not attended, and 48 hours advance notice of non-attendance is not given, full payment for the cost of the session will be incurred.


We endeavour to keep our own requests to change booked session times to an absolute minimum, but there may be occasions when there is a need to request that we make an alternative arrangement. As much notice as possible will always be given, with an alternative day or time for a session offered, wherever possible.



Kent Test group sessions take place at:


72, London Road,


ME13 8SN

Sunnydene is easy to find: it’s on the A2, near to The Abbey School, and

almost directly opposite the turning for Brogdale Road.

Curriculum Support Sessions and Individual Kent Test Sessions, with other members of the Sunnydene Tutoring teaching team, are delivered in pupils' homes. 

Practice books & Homework


For Kent Test pupils, I ask that specific practice material is purchased and that you support your child as they work regularly from these at home. I will give guidance on the use of these books as our sessions progress.

I ask that all practice books be brought to each session please so that I can keep track of the work that is being completed at home.  

My Kent Test pupils will be expected to complete homework tasks each week.

Notice period


Sessions are paid for termly and in advance so, in the event that you wish to end our tutoring arrangement, I ask for a notice period equal to the remaining time until the beginning of the next school term.  No refunds will be possible if you wish to stop tutoring sessions part-way through a term.

Session arrival and departure: for sessions at Sunnydene


Please arrive promptly for the start of each session. Please collect promptly at the end of each session. I will not be available until the agreed start time of our session, although you are most welcome to wait on my driveway if you do arrive early. If you arrive late for a session then that session will still end at our previously agreed time. If your child will be arriving independently please ensure that they do not arrive early as I will not be available to welcome them until the agreed start time of our session. If you intend to allow your child to leave the session independently please send me an email informing me that this is your intention. If your child will not be collected by a parent at the end of a session then you must let me know in advance of the session.



For Individual Sessions, brief verbal feedback will be given at the end of each session. This feedback will be provided to the adult who is present at the end of session, unless I am informed that this is not appropriate.


For Group Sessions, any urgent feedback will be given immediately after each session. I prefer not to discuss individual children’s progress whilst there are other children and parents within earshot and communicating by email ensures that information about progress can be kept confidential if you wish, so please contact me by email if you have specific queries relating to your child's progress. 

I hope that the verbal feedback will keep you abreast of your child’s achievements and progress. However, if, at any point in the year, you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress with me in more detail, please make contact and I will be happy to address any individual issues, concerns or questions.

In instances where a member of the Sunnydene Tutoring Teaching Team is working with your child towards a test or exam, we are unable to make any guarantees regarding the outcome of these tests or exams. We will always do our utmost to ensure that your child is as prepared as possible but can make no assurances that the work your child completes during their tuition will result in the desired outcome. 



Your child does not need to bring any equipment or stationery to their sessions. When written tasks are completed, I will provide all of the necessary resources. However, I prefer to teach using a range of practical activities, games, through discussion, and with questions answered on white boards and laminated task cards, so your child will not produce written work in sufficient volume to require you to supply them with notepads or folders. 

Proceeding with a booking for my tutoring services will constitute agreement of these terms.

I look forward to working with you for the best possible outcome for your child.

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