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8th January: Welcome back... when's the next holiday?

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again this week and to starting our work for term 3.

This is a LONG post - you may like to grab a cup of coffee!!

Homework for this term will follow the same format as for last term.

I will set homework each week, the details of which I will post here, so please make a note in your diary to check the blog each week, after your son or daughter's session, so you can ensure they're completing all of the necessary work at home between sessions.

Alongside the homework that I set each week, there are ongoing tasks that I expect to be tackled each week:

  • Daily reading, from a range of high-quality literature.

  • Regular playing of the games from your Sunnydene Challenge Booklet.

  • Completion of the puzzle pages from your Sunnydene Puzzle Booklet.

  • Gradual learning of the spellings of the words on the list that is in the English section of your blue folder.

  • Gradual familiarisation of the maths vocabulary that is listed on the vocabulary sheet that is in the maths section of your blue folder.

  • Gradual familiarisation with the meanings of the words that are on the vocabulary sheets in the verbal reasoning section of your blue folder.

After the February half-term holiday, I will be introducing formal practice books for completion at home, so please target completing as much from the list above as possible by the end of this term.

During this week's sessions and next, we'll be working on comprehension. Comprehension forms a large part of the English portion of the Kent Test so this is an important area. If any of the children struggle with our comprehension work during the next couple of weeks, I'll send an email to let you know.

To supplement this English work, this week's homework, is to complete the sheet below please. This type of activity represents the way that the children's grammar skills will be assessed in the Kent Test - by choosing the correct (or best) word to complete a set of sentences. The sheet can be printed, with answers written in the spaces, or the chosen words can simply be listed on a piece of paper. Either way, please mark your child's completed work (answers are provided) and pop it in the English section of their folder, so I can check their work next week.

Winter Sky Cloze Task - HW
Download PDF • 748KB

With the Christmas holiday behind us, I'm aware that some parents are starting to think ahead to my next set of holiday sessions at Easter - hence the (tongue in cheek) comment that I've used as the title of today's post! I've already had a few bookings for the Easter break, so will list below the sessions that will be available. Booking is open for these sessions so please book at your convenience. I'm aware that this will be too far ahead for some, but my Easter sessions do tend to be full so please don't leave it too late. I'll do my best to schedule additional sessions is demand requires it, but I can only do this if I have the availability remaining to do so, which becomes less likely the closer we are to the holiday itself.

Individual Kent Test Sessions

Our weekly term-time group sessions will end for term 4 during the week that begins 18th March. Individual sessions will be available during school hours of 25th to 28th March for those whose schools are closed for staff training days, and from 3.30pm to 4.30pm on these dates too. Additional individual sessions are currently available from 2nd to 5th April, and from 8th to 12th April.

Please use the booking calendar on my website to check for my latest availability if you would like to schedule any individual sessions for the Easter break.

Kent Test Story Writing Workshops

I've scheduled writing workshop sessions from 4.45pm until 6.15pm, each day from 25th to 28th March.

Please read the full details at before booking. Each session lasts 90 minutes and the sessions are duplicates so that all of my pupils can attend. Please only book one session!

There are additional writing sessions scheduled for the summer holiday, for those who aren't able to attend during the Easter break.


The following 'booster' sessions are available during the Easter break, for pupils who will benefit from a little more input in a specific area. Each sessions starts at 11.30am and ends at 12.30pm.

Please contact me before booking if you'd like guidance on which sessions it would be best for you to book.

  • Verbal Reasoning - Codes: 2nd April

  • Maths Word Problems: 3rd April

  • Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning: 4th April

  • Shapes & Angles (maths): 5th April

  • Reading & Comprehension: 8th April

  • Arithmetic: 9th April

  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar: 10th April

  • Fractions, Decimals & Percentages: 11th April

  • Verbal Reasoning - Vocabulary: 12th April

STIQ: The Kent Test Board Game

1pm - 2pm on 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th April

An hour of Kent Test Practice Questions in a games-based format!

Valuable practice and lots of fun.


The Easter holiday marks the first of my 2024 Kent Test 'mock' sessions.

You'll find full details when you choose the 'read more' option for 'mock tests' on my booking page and please do read this information as there are different feedback options for you to choose. I'm aware that some parents like more detailed feedback than others, so I've created options that (I hope) will suit everyone.

If you book a 'mock' package with a feedback phone call / a 'follow-up' session, the lovely Amy will make contact with you to schedule those.

There will be 'mocks' available during the summer holiday too, but for parents who would like an early 'mock' the Easter holiday the dates available are:

  • 1pm - 5pm on 3rd April

  • 1pm - 5pm on 5th April

  • 9am - 1pm on 6th April

  • 9am - 1pm on 13th April

The benefit of an early mock test is that we can identify gaps and work to fill then during the summer term and the summer holiday. If, following a mock test, you would like information of the tasks that it will be most useful for you to do at home, please be sure to choose one of the feedback packages that offers this.

I thoroughly recommend a 'mock' for all of my pupils. Previous feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - both in terms of helping the children understand what will happen at school on the day of the test and in terms of identifying gaps in the children's understandings and skills.

I currently only have one set of test papers available, so please only book one mock. I do have a 'back-up plan' for any of my pupils who need to repeat their mock test and I will contact individual parents to discuss this, if a repeat is recommended.

I'll post reminders of the sessions available as the holiday approaches, so don't panic if you're not ready to book just yet.

Many of you will already have this on your calendar..

My Verbal Reasoning Parents' Information Session will be from 9.30am to 11am on Saturday 20th January. This will be a Zoom session, where I'll share details of what we should expect from this section of the test, along with example questions. As always, there will be the opportunity for questions towards the end of the session. I don't record these sessions, but do have a pdf available for anyone who isn't able to attend. The pdf is just an overview though, so do join the call if you possibly can. The verbal reasoning section of the Kent Test has changed in the last couple of years so this will be a useful session, even if you have older children who have been through the process before.

The link to join this call is:

That's all for now, but please check back next week for another update. :-)

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