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Easter! (and a bit of extra info, ready for this time next year)

As promised, here is your Easter Holiday Homework Pack.

This pack is full of Easter and spring themed activities, but it also includes useful practice of sets of the more 'puzzle-based' questions that have been appearing in the Kent Test in the last couple of years. These seem to be unique to Kent and so don't (yet) appear in any of the published practice material. I've recreated these, not so the children can 'learn' the techniques for answering them (as that isn't in any way helpful) but so that the children can develop and practise their skills, using a range of question-types, rather than be limited to just the types of questions in the commercially available published practice material.

I'd like all of my pupils to complete the tasks within the pack please, either during the Eater break or shortly afterwards. I don't need to see the completed work; I've included answers so that you can check anything of which you're unsure, but do let me know if any tasks feel prohibitively challenging please.

Easter Pack 2024
Download PDF • 33.09MB

Many of my Easter group sessions are now full, but I do have a few spaces remaining in some sessions, and at my 'mock' test session on Saturday 13th April. Spaces can be reserved on my website but do let me know if you have any questions before you book please.

This time next year, you'll have been allocated your child's place at secondary school. To accept the place (which it's always advisable to do, even if you plan to appeal) you'll need to produce some ID documents. The requirements for this have changed this year, so this is early warning, so that you can be sure to keep what you will need when you receive it, ready for use when required. Details of the documents needed this year can be seen in the photo below:

I won't be posting here again until the start of the summer term, which begins on Monday 15th April, so do check back then for more.

Happy Easter!

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