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Kent Test Practice Packs

I've created a Kent Test Practice Bag for each of my pupils this year.

The bag contains:

  • A copy of my Challenge Booklet, which is full to bursting with games and activities to develop the foundation skills of superb vocabulary and accurate mental arithmetic skills that will be needed for our Kent Test work. There's a reading challenge and an activity tracker too, so you can keep a note of the games played and the books read as we continue our work together;

  • The letter tiles, playing cards and dice that you'll need to play the games from the Challenge Booklet. Many parents will have this equipment at home already, but the children LOVE to have their own;

  • A folder, which we'll use from September for the paper-based work that we do during our sessions and for homework.

If you haven't already, please come and collect your child's bag from me. Just send me a message letting me know when you'd like to collect and I'll have the bag ready for you. Once you have your bag, please start playing the games and completing the activities from the Challenge Booklet as soon as you can, and as frequently as you can. The more of these that are completed before we start our weekly sessions in September, the better.

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