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Week 1: Homework

I’ve enjoyed my Kent Test sessions of the new school year so far and am looking forward to meeting the rest of my pupils later this week.

The image on the left gives a summary of the information that I'm sharing this week about what the Kent Test entails. There'll be LOTS more information as to the test's content as our sessions progress, but this is the initial information that I like to share with the children at the start of our work together.

Homework will gradually become more time-consuming (and more formal) as our sessions continue but, for this week, I'd like the children to play ’Mental Arithmetic Bingo’ and 'Word Chains' from their Challenge Booklets please. We'll be playing both of these games during our first session, as well as choosing books to take home and read. Please encourage daily reading, using a range of high-quality texts throughout the year. I recommend 30 minutes each day, every day starting this week, in order to support the level of vocabulary development that's need to match the expectations of the Kent Test.

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