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Week beginning 10th June

Our focus this week will be maths, and we'll be tackling some of the more challenging types of question that may be posed in the Kent Test, along with some work on BODMAS (also sometimes referred to as 'the order of operations).

Some 11+ tests contain maths concepts not covered in school until Year 6 (or even Year 7 in some cases). This is not the case with the Kent Test, which focusses on assessing a firm understanding of the maths curriculum up to the end of Year 5. There are some tricky questions though, so this doesn't make the test easy - but it does mean that using the 9-10 practice books is sufficient challenge, since these are the books designed for children in Year 5. Working through age 10-11 books is fine, for an added challenge and for extra experience of tackling tricky questions, but it isn't essential. We should be targeting scores of at least 8 out of 10 in tasks from the CGP 10 minute tests book (age 9-10) at this stage of the year.

If you haven't already done so, please register your child for the Kent Test.

I have now opened bookings for the new school year and have Kent Test group spaces available for children in Year 4, as well as for my Year 5 Kent Test group sessions from September. If you have friends with children in younger years then please do pass on my details. One of the other tutors on my team will also be offering maths and English 'boosters' for Year 6s; if this is of interest for September then do please let me know so I can share more details. :-)

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