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Week beginning 11th December: homework and a few reminders

This week's sessions will be our last group sessions of the current term. I'm aware that this final week of school before Christmas will be a busy one for most children, so I'm not setting extra homework. That said, daily reading, playing the games from my Challenge Booklet and completing the puzzles from my Puzzle Booklet should still be part of this week's schedule if at all possible. The children also have my Christmas Activity Pack to be completing before we resume our sessions in January. For anyone who missed it, the pack was in last week's blog post - ready to be downloaded and worked through at your convenience through the holiday period.

Many of my Christmas group sessions are now full, so do make any outstanding bookings as soon as you can using my online booking system, which you'll find at

Invoices for next term were sent last week and are due for payment by the end of this term please. I'm already operating with a waiting list for this school year, and I use receipt of payment as confirmation that a pupil will be returning after each holiday, so do ensure your payment is made by the due date if you'd like to continue sessions after the Christmas break. If you haven't seen your invoice, it's probably hiding in your junk mail folder so you may need to search for 'sunnydene' to retrieve it.

I will be finishing for my Christmas break on 21st December and will not be working again until 2nd January. Emails and messages sent during this time will be answered when I resume work on 2nd January so, if you have any queries about next term's sessions, please make contact in advance of the start of my Christmas break.

Thank you.

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