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Week beginning 13th November

Updated: Mar 6

This week's session focus will be spelling and editing writing. I'll be introducing my 'Kaboom!' spelling game, which my pupils almost always enjoy and asking for a spelling task to be completed for homework. In the Kent Test, spelling is assessed with a task that requires the children to spot spelling mistakes in sentences - they don't actually have to spell the words correctly themselves. To practise using spelling skills in this way, I've created this game, which I would like the children to play for their homework this week please:

I tell the children every week that I'm also expecting daily reading, regular playing of the games from their Challenge Booklets and, now, puzzle sections from their Puzzle Booklets attempted too please.

As a reminder, my 'English in the Kent Test' parents information session is scheduled for this Saturday. This will be a Zoom session, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 11am. I'll be sharing lots of useful information about how English is assessed in the Kent Test and there'll be time for me to answer any questions that you may have too. The link to acccess the Zoom meeting is:

Thank you to those of you who have already booked your sessions for the Christmas break. I'm happy to look back at my notes from our group sessiosn so far to check which of the available sessions would be most useful for each child. Do send a quick email if you'd like guidance on which sessions to book. These extra holiday sessions are optional but working to fill any gaps that are already evident at this early stage can pay dividends later in the year. All of the details of the sessions available at Christmas are in last week's post so please scroll back if you need more information about what's available.

As always, please check back each week here for details of the homework that I set and to read the other information that I share.

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Hello Jeni, for those who haven't been able to attend the Zoom calls, is it possible to watch a recording? Thanks, Nell


Hi Nell,

I don’t record my sessions but I have a document giving the key facts that I’ll be happy to send you a copy of. 😊

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