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Week beginning: 1st July

Somehow we're now in July...

Kent Test registration closes at midnight tonight (Monday 1st July). This is your last chance... If you haven't yet registered... REGISTER NOW!

I also recommend booking your summer sessions, if you haven't already. Many group sessions are now full and my availability for individual sessions is rapidly diminishing. Keeping those hard-earned skills ticking over during the long break from school is essential, with the test so soon after the children go back to school in September. My STIQ (board game) sessions are a great option if you're looking for something valuable but enjoyable.

Please also book a 'mock' - if you haven't already. Attending a practice test session is hugely valuable in helping the children approach the test calmly and confidently in September. Again, some sessions are full (or nearly full) but I still have spaces remaining on a range of dates through the summer.

My session this week will have a mixed focus, with a maths 'starter', some spatial and non-verbal reasoning practice questions to tackle, and then an introduction to a couple of new verbal reasoning vocabulary questions.

Please continue to encourage the use of our practice books at home. Even as the end of term looms and weeks become busier with end of term activities, finding the time for one task from each book each week will pay dividends. With books finished, or nearly finished, through the summer holiday, the holiday can be devoted to working through the daily tasks from my holiday activity pack, completing any tasks that I've highlighted following a 'mock' and coming along to any group sessions that you've scheduled, without the need to be catching up on book tasks too.

If you're unsure of what a sensible practice schedule for the summer holiday will be, do ask. Having worked hard all year, our summer holiday focus is achieving a sensible balance, and parents are often surprised at how easily this can be achieved. Do get in touch if you'd like some guidance.

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