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Week beginning 22nd April

Thank you to those of you who joined my Q&A session on Saturday. I have another of these sessions on Saturday 8th June; do join me on Zoom on that morning, if you have any remaining questions about the Kent Test.

The date for the test this year still hasn't been confirmed. The suggested date is 12th September, but the consultation is still in progress. I'll update you as soon as there's a confirmed date.

Our focus this week will be comprehension, and we'll be continuing this week's work during next week's session too. This is a key focus area in terms of our Kent Test work and I'll be working in depth to boost skills during this week's and next week's sessions.

Homework for this week, and for each week of the summer term, is one task from each of the 5 practice books that each of my pupils now has. As you reach the end of a book, please let me know so I can recommend the most suitable next options for practice material to use at home.

That's all for now. Please check back next week for more information.

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