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Week beginning 26th February

Hello again! The weeks are whizzing by!

Thank you to those who have already booked Easter sessions. Many of my group sessions

are now fully booked, but I still have some spaces available, so do please book your Easter sessions as soon as you're able if you haven't done so yet.

There will also be an Easter activity pack for all of my pupils to work through during the holiday, which includes some previously unseen types of reasoning questions that have been newly included in the Kent Test in the last few years and don't yet appear in any commercially available practice books. My Easter pack is available to download from my website but please don't purchase it directly, as I give a 50% discount on the price to parents of my existing pupils and will add the £5 cost of the pack to your invoice for next term, and share the pack here instead. My holiday packs constitute an important element of my work with my pupils, so do please make a mental note to tackle the tasks that are included during the Easter holiday.

Regarding the summer holiday, which I know many of you are now thinking about, there will be the following types of sessions available:

  • 'Mock' Tests: I'll have practice tests available on a range of dates through the summer. I am working on a second set of test papers, so it will be possible for the children to come along to two 'mocks' if you would like them to. This might be useful if you'd like an early 'mock' to identify gaps and then a second 'mock' nearer the time of the Kent Test in school, for a reminder of how the test will feel and to relieve any remaining anxieties. I have a range of feedback options available, so do check the information in the booking section of my website for more details. (If anyone comes along to 2 mocks, I will automatically give them test 1 on the first occasion and test 2 on the second; you don't need to contact me to let me know that you've booked 2 tests.)

  • Summer Holiday Working Group Sessions: My Summer Holiday Group Sessions will be planned to provide the opportunity to work with me through a range of practice tasks, which I will choose to provide useful practise of a range of Kent Test skills. The content of each session throughout the holiday will be different, to enable parents to schedule as many sessions as they wish. Weekly schedule Mondays: English Tuesdays: Maths Wednesdays: English and Verbal Reasoning Thursdays: Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning Fridays: Verbal, Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning

  • Kent Test Story Writing Workshops: These sessions will be held on Monday afternoons through the summer holiday and will have content different to the writing workshops of the Easter holiday, so will be suitable for those children who aren't able to come along to a writing session during the Easter break as well as those who are still in need of some extra input.

  • STIQ (Kent Test Board Game) Sessions: These are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer and provide a relaxed and enjoyable way to reinforce and practice the full range of Kent Test question types.

  • Summer Holiday Activity Pack: As with the Easter pack, this is available to download from the shop on my website, but parents of my existing pupils receive a 50% discount, and the cost will be added to your final invoice for the year - along with the cost of a final session during the first week of September. This pack contains daily tasks for the 6 weeks of the summer holiday and offers a complete set of revision activities ahead of the test in September. Almost all of the tasks will only take around 30 minutes to complete, but do please factor this time into your thinking when you're scheduling your summer sessions.

Back to the more immediate...

This week my focus is verbal reasoning, and we'll be working on a couple of new types of code-based question and attempting a verbal reasoning practice test. We'll be marking these tests as part of next week's work and I'll be contacting parents of anyone who will benefit from a little extra verbal reasoning input after the tests have been marked and reworked.

Homework for this week is as below:

Haribo Challenge
Download PDF • 1.46MB

The required Haribo will be given at the end of my sessions this week!

This homework task is ideally in addition to another maths and another English practice task from your books. If it's not possible to complete all of this then please prioritise the Haribo challenge this week.

Please check back next week for another update. :-)

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