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Week beginning 29th January: homework and more...

Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to Amy. Amy has been helping me with lots of my 'behind the scenes' admin since the start of the school year, but I'm aware that many of you don't know her (yet).

If you contact me about your child's progress, if you'd like guidance of which sessions to book during the holidays, or if you need advice on something else that relates directly to your child's education, it will still always be me who answers. However, if you need to make a change to some holiday sessions that you've booked online or if you have a query about an invoice (for example) then I may well forward your email to Amy, who will then do whatever's necessary to resolve the issue, before contacting you to confirm.

Amy has a Sunnydene Tutoring email address and she'll reply to your original message, but she will only respond if I ask her to do so. I will remain your first point of contact and all emails will appear in my inbox initially, but I may ask Amy to contact you if your message to me relates to something more 'admin-y'.


We'll be working on reasoning this week - with practise of identifying relationships between words and between images. Homework this week is the sheet below, where I'd like each word from the left of the page joined to its synonym on the right of the page please. For anyone who'd like an additional challenge, a list of antonyms for each of the words on the sheet can be made.

Match the synonyms (Year 5)
Download PDF • 32KB

If your child attends my 5.50pm on Fridays group session, and you missed the email that I

sent you last week, please check your junk mail folder. I sent an important message about the session that's scheduled for Friday 9th February.

We're rapidly heading towards the half-way point of Year 5...

February half-term marks the end of the third term of six of the school year! We'll be taking a break during February half-term, but will be resuming for Term 4, during the week that begins Monday 19th February. Invoices for next term will be sent at the end of this week, with payment due by next Thursday (8th February) please to secure your child's space for next term.

That's all for now. I hope you have a great week.

Please check back next Monday for the next update. :-)

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