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Week beginning 30th October: Homework and some other info

I hope you were all able to enjoy at least part of the half-term break.

Sessions for this term will resume this week, with our final sessions of the term being during the week beginning 11th December. There will then be (optional) additional group sessions during the Christmas break and I'll be sharing details of these very soon. Individual sessions for INSET days and the main school holidays through the year can be booked using the booking system on my website at any any time, by clicking the 'Individual Kent Test Session' option of the 'book online' tab to check my availability.

During this week's sessions, I'll be giving the children their 'Puzzle Booklets'. These are to be used at home, alongside the homework that I set after each session. The games from your Challenge Booklets are still relevant and useful (so please continue to play these at home at every opportunity!) but the Puzzle Booklet sees our Kent Test practice move a little further towards the more formal Kent Test questions that will be posed in the test, when the time comes. I won't set specific tasks from the Puzzle Booklet each week, but please work through the puzzle pages at your child's pace, bearing in mind that there are very likely to be some types of question that you'll need to return to later - once we've looked at examples during our sessions.

My sessions this week will be focussed on vocabulary, and homework will be to continue to find as many compound words as possible from the sheet that will appear in the verbal reasoning section of your child's blue folder after their session. We will start work on this during our session but there will be lots more words to find, so I would like this continued for homework please. Please also start to work through some sections of the new Puzzle Booklet, play games from your Challenge Booklet and encourage daily reading. That should be plenty to keep even the keenest of learners occupied each week!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding my Kent Test work with your son or daughter, as I'll be happy to answer queries and offer further explanation of anything that's unclear.

I'm sending an email notification that I've updated my blog this week, but you won't always receive a notification so please check back each week, for more information and for each week's homework.

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