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Week beginning 5th February - the end of another term!

Somehow we're already at the end of another term! My final sessions for this term will be on Friday 9th February.

I'll be taking a break for the February half-term holiday and sessions will resume during the week that start on Monday 19th February. I will be checking emails but not with my usual regularity, so please be patient if you need to contact me during the school holiday. I will answer as soon as I'm able.

I will be distributing maths and English practice books during this week's sessions. These do not need to be started until next term, but I know that some parents are keen to begin with some more formal practice work at home - so feel free to begin using them during the half-term break, if you wish. These books can be worked through at a pace that suits your family, but I recommend targeting one task from each book per week as a minimum.

When you begin to use these practice books at home, please DO NOT IMPOSE A TIME LIMIT. This is vital to our understanding of each child's current level. I need a baseline of each child's accuracy compared to their pace at the outset so that I can guide them in the most appropriate way towards our end target.

This is not a 'one size fits all' approach by any means so do PLEASE follow the guidance in the document below as we begin to work from these practice books. (This is the same information that I shared a couple of weeks ago, but do please read through it again before using the books for the first time.) When it's time to move to the next stage of our timing journey, I will let you know.

Home Practice Books - initial guidance
Download PDF • 8.95MB


I'm not setting any specific homework following my sessions this week but, as a reminder, here's a list of tasks that should be 'on your radar' for completion at home. Please work on any of these that haven't been completed so far:

  1. Reading daily, for at least 30 minutes, and from a range of texts over the year.

  2. Playing the games from your Challenge Booklet to develop vital arithmetic, vocabulary and problem solving skills.

  3. Completing the Puzzle Pages from the Sunnydene Puzzle Booklet.

  4. Learning the spellings from the list in the English section of your blue folder.

  5. Becoming familiar with the maths vocabulary from the sheet in the maths section of your blue folder.

  6. Working to learn the meanings of the tricky words on the sheets in the verbal reasoning section of your blue folder.

  7. Homework that's been missed from each of our previous sessions.

Invoices for next term's sessions were sent last Friday (2nd February). If your invoice did not appear in your inbox then you may need to retrieve it from your junk mail folder. Payment is due by Thursday of this week (8th February) to secure your child's sessions for next term please. If you're not able to locate your invoice then please let me know as I'm able to send a link for you to view your invoice directly.

I won't be posting an update next week, so please check back on Monday 19th February for my next post. :-)

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