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Week beginning 9th October: useful information and some homework

Firstly a reminder that we have the first of our Kent Test Zoom information sessions this Saturday (14th October). This first session is a 'Q&A' session, and I'll be online from 9.30am until 11am to answer all of your Kent Test questions - about our sessions and about the test itself.

Future sessions will be subject specific and I'll be sharing lots of information with you, relating to each assessed area of the Kent Test, but this first session is an opportunity for you to fire your questions at me! You don't need to book and you'll find the link in last Monday's post.

Secondly, homework... My sessions this week are maths-focussed, so homework is too, with a few different tasks for you to complete please:

  1. Quick recall of the times tables, and the associated division facts, is going to be vital for our future maths works. It's going to be prohibitively time consuming to work out, for example, how many 300ml cups can be filled from a 2.7litre jug, if the link between 3 and 27 can't be immediately spotted. For practice of times tables, I'd like one of the copies of the times tables challenge grid (from my Challenge Booklet) completed this week please. My initial challenge is to complete the grid in 5 minutes. With this achieved, the next challenge is to complete it as quickly as possible, striving for a quicker time with each subsequent attempt. There are 3 copies of the challenge grid in your Challenge Booklet, but this is the sheet so you can print extra copies if you need them:

Times tables challenge grid
Download PDF • 706KB

2. As part of our initial maths work during this week's sessions, I'll also be introducing the children to some 'verbal reasoning style' arithmetic questions, along with a multiple-choice answer sheet. These types of questions aren't designed to challenge a child's arithmetic skills - the maths involved should be straight-forward for a child targeting a grammar school place - rather they are designed to assess a child's ability to use numbers as symbols. As the maths involved isn't challenging, these questions are ideal for me to use at the start of our work together and as a way of introducing the type of multiple-choice answer sheets that we'll be using through the year. I will provide the children with an explanation of each of the types of question on the sheet below and would like them to complete this for homework after this week's session please. If you're able to print the multiple choice answer sheet as a method for your son or daughter to record their answers then please do so, otherwise, answers written on a piece of paper is fine. We'll mark this work at the start of next week's session - and practice filing the completed work, which is more challenging than you might imagine for many children!

Verbal Reasoning Number Questions
Download PDF • 63KB

VR Number Questions - Answer Sheet
Download PDF • 141KB

3. As always, there's daily reading and games to play form your Challenge Booklet as part of the homework that I'm setting too.

Finally, a reminder to look our for next half-term's invoices, which will be be arriving by email at the end of this week, with payment due by next Thursday (19th October) please. I use receipt of payment as confirmation of the children who will be returning for sessions after each holiday, so payment by the due date is vital to secure your 'spot' for after the half-term break.

Invoices for next term will include the cost of our sessions between the October half-term break and the end of term on Friday 15th December, the cost of my Puzzle Booklet, - which is a follow-on from my Challenge Booklet (although the games in my Challenge Booklet remain relevant throughout the school year) and a way of us introducing Kent Test style questions to the children, but in a largely informal manner at this stage - and the cost of my Christmas Activity Pack, which is the children's homework for the Christmas break. I will be offering additional, optional holiday sessions during the Christmas break and I'll share details of these at the start of next half-term.

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