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... and let's begin!

I hope that the start of Year 5 has been a positive experience so far. I'm very excited for us to be starting our Kent Test sessions next week!

Before your lovely children can be left with me, I will need a completed copy of the form below please. If you're able to print the form and complete it, ready to hand to me at the start of your son or daughter's session next week that will be great as it will save us some time at the start of next week's sessions. If you're not able to print then I will have blank copies of the form available and will need you to complete your form before leaving. If you will not be the person bringing your child along next week then please ensure that your child has a copy of the completed from with them when they arrive. I need a paper copy of this form for each child's records so will not be able to accept electronic copies of the form.

See you next week!

Pupil Information Form 2023 - sessions at Sunnydene
Download PDF • 43KB

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