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FAQs: Answers to a few frequently asked questions for you...

FAQ 2: Does your session schedule follow the school term dates?

You'll find the Sunnydene term dates for the school year at My dates do broadly follow the term dates that schools follow but my terms always start on a Monday (except when the Monday is a bank holiday) and end on a Friday.

FAQ 4: Where are sessions held and where can I park?

Sessions are held in a dedicated teaching room at my house. My address is 72 London Road, Faversham, ME13 8SN.

My house is on the A2, directly opposite the turning for Brogdale Road.

This is a photo of my house so you’ll know you’re in the right place when you arrive!

Please wait on the drive when it’s time for your son or daughter’s session. I will come out to welcome everyone and to invite the children in when it’s time for our session to start.

The easiest places to park if you're coming by car will be either in Egbert Road or Upper St Ann's Road, both of which are just a short walk away. It's easiest and safest if parents don't park on my driveway as there will be other parents and children arriving by foot at the same time.

FAQ 5: Will you set homework?


You already have your Challenge Booklet. The games and activities from these booklets will form a large part of the homework that I expect during the early stages of our work together.

For the first (approximately) half of the school year, I will post additional homework tasks in this blog, which will support our session work each week and which I will encourage the children to complete.

Once the children are nicely settle into the routine of our sessions, I will be introducing additional practice material for the to use at home, along with guidance of how to complete the tasks. I'll share more information on this at each stage.

FAQ 6: What about reading?

I suggest that daily reading becomes part of your schedule - if it isn't already. There's some information about reading on my website, along with

a link to see my Facebook album of KS2 Book Recommendations:

I have a library of books that I encourage all of my pupils to borrow from, and am very happy to make suggestions of titles that I think each child may enjoy.

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