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Thank you to all those who have already collected your Kent Test learning pack. I've been trying to hand over as many bags as possible in person but with my teaching schedule full to bursting now for the remainder of the summer holiday, any bags collected from now on will have to be left on the door handle to my teaching room for you to collect. I'll give you a wave and a smile though, and I will look forward to meeting you properly very soon!

Once you have your bag, please start playing the games and completing the reading challenge (inside the front cover) as soon as you can. The folder can largely be ignored until we start our sessions in September, although the 'word a day' sheets in the verbal reasoning section could usefully be started now, if you wish. More information on the folder's contents will follow.

If you're yet to collect your child's bag, please send me an email to let me know when you'd like to collect. I'll then know to leave your bag out for you.

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