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Week beginning 13th May

Our focus this week will be non-verbal and spatial reasoning, and the children will be working through some small 'chunks' of practice questions, which will be presented in the same way as the questions will be presented in the Kent Test, with timings and difficulty level to match the expectations of the test itself. I'll be tracking the children's approaches and techniques whilst they work, but I'll also be using the time during which they are working independently to check the completed tasks from their practice books.

Please therefore ensure that all 5 practice books are brought along to this week's sessions.

The next of my 'mock' sessions is being held this coming Saturday (18th May) and there are 2 remaining spaces. If you're planning for your son or daughter to take an early 'mock', so that we can identify specific focus tasks for development at home during the remainder of the summer term, then please book a space using the booking system on my website. If you're only planning on one 'mock' test then there are many upcoming dates available, and my recommendation would be for a practice test in June or July. I've shared a list of dates previously, but dates can also be found on my website's booking system, along with details of the different feedback options available. I do recommend that all of my pupils come along to a practice test session, as this is always the final 'piece of the puzzle' in terms of their understanding of the test process.

It doesn't seem very long ago that we were starting this term, but next week's sessions will be our last before the May half-term holiday - with the Sunnydene term ending on Friday 24th May. Invoices for our final term of the current school year will therefore be sent at the end of this week, with payment due by Thursday 23rd May please. The cost of our final term-time group session, during the week preceding the Kent Test in September, will be added your invoice for next term.

That's all for now, but please check again next week. :-)

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