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Week beginning 17th June

The maths work that I had planned for last week took longer than expected, so we will be continuing with maths this week.

To support this work, please take a look at the maths

vocabulary sheet (which is in the maths section - section 2 - of your blue folder). This is a list of words that I would like all of my pupils to be confident using by the end of the school year; these words will be taught in school but some revision will be useful as it became clear last week that many of these words aren't as familiar as I would expect them to be.

As we now head through term 6 of the school year, I'm being asked a lot about the summer holidays, and what a sensible schedule of sessions would be. This largely depends on how willing your son or daughter is to work with you at home and how much of their preparation and practice work they complete individually. However, as a minimum, I recommend a 'mock' for all of my pupils and that all parents buy the Summer Holiday Activity Pack to work through at home, during the long break from school during the summer holiday. This pack comprises a daily task for each of the 6 weeks of the school holiday and serves as extremely useful revision and extra practice of the skills that we've worked on throughout the school year. The pack is available from the shop on my website and can be found at

There are some tasks that can be printed but this isn't a booklet to download and print; it's a digital work pack, accessed via my website. Once purchased, the link and password you receive are only valid for 30 days, so you will need to bookmark or save the url and make a note of the password (as you will need your password for every log on). If you'd like to purchase the pack, please use the code Year5Pupil for a £10 discount.

As you will know from my previous posts, I have a full range of sessions available throughout the summer holiday. Do let me know if you'd like some guidance on which sessions to book.

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