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Week beginning 20th November: Homework and more...

Our session work this week will have the theme of "Odd One Out" and we'll be exploring this concept within maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

We will complete a timed non-verbal reasoning task during our session and there will be a second non-verbal reasoning task to try for homework.

The sheet of homework questions will be added to the non-verbal reasoning section of the children's blue folders during their session this week. I would like each child to attempt these questions independently please. (Knowing how many questions parents can correctly answer isn't useful information for me! Do please allow your child to try the questions on their own.) The children do not need to be timed for this work and you do not need to mark the work, as we will mark the work together at the start of next week's session.

As always, this homework should be completed in addition to daily reading, and games and activities from your challenge and puzzle booklets please.

Thank you to those of you who joined my English information session on Saturday. I hope it was useful. I will be hosting a similar session, but for maths, on 2nd December (from 9.30am until 11am).

Please do book your Christmas sessions as soon as you can. There are currently still spaces at all of the group sessions that I've scheduled, but some of the sessions only have one or two spaces remaining. If groups fill and I still have room in my schedule, I will add duplicate sessions but it gets harder and harder for me to do this as the dates of the sessions draw nearer.

I'll post again next Monday, so please check back then for next week's information.

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