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Week beginning Monday 4th December: Homework and more!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The end of term is rapidly approaching! My final term-time sessions for this term are on Friday 15th December. I then have holiday sessions scheduled for the week beginning 18th December and during the first week of January. You'll find details of what's available in a previous blog post but send me a quick email if you'd like me to send you a list. Some sessions are full now but there are still spaces remaining, and a few individual session 'slots' are available too, all of which can be booked on the booking system on my website.

A few parents have contacted me to ask when we will be stopping for Christmas. I'm happy to reply (of course!) but if you ever need an immediate answer then you'll find my term dates for the year at I also give term dates on the invoices that I send for term-time sessions, so you'll be able to make a note of start and finish dates for each term when you receive each invoice.

I will be sending invoices for next term at the end of this week. Payment for next term will be due by the end of this term to secure your child's space in next term's session. I'll be endeavouring to complete all of the admin associated with confirming next term's sessions by the end of this term, so I would very much appreciate your prompt payment.

Along with the homework that I set each week, I ask the children to read daily and to play games from their Challenge Booklet and complete puzzles from their Puzzle Booklet each week. Alongside this weekly homework, I also set holiday homework, in the form of themed activity packs. These are packs that I have created specifically for my Kent Test pupils and which include multiple activities that require the same skills as the children will need to be using for their Kent Test questions. My Christmas Activity Pack can be worked through at any stage of December (or even January) but it is important that all of my pupils work through the pack. Please click below to download the pack.

KS2 Christmas Activity Pack
Download PDF • 32.59MB


This week's focus will be verbal reasoning, and we'll be starting to look at some of the letter sequence questions that may be included in the Kent Test. The game 'Alphabet Jumps' will be our starting point for this work and playing this game at home will be useful extra practice.

That's all for now. Please check back for next week's update.

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