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Week beginning 24th June

The deadline for Kent Test registration is fast approaching. If you haven't yet registered your son or daughter for the Kent Test then please do so as a matter of urgency.

It's parents' responsibility to register and schools are not able to do this on parents' behalf. A child will not be able to take the test if their parents do not register them, so PLEASE don't forget to do this.

As you will know from previous posts, some of my 'mock' test sessions have already happened. I've had lots of positive feedback from parents and children about the benefits of coming along for a mock test, so do book in if you haven't already. I have 2 sets of test papers available so it's possible for each child to come along to 2 practice test sessions, although many parents feel that one practice test is sufficient, which is absolutely fine too. My next 'mock' test is this Saturday (29th June) and I have spaces remaining. If you haven't yet booked then please do so - this really is a crucial 'piece of the puzzle' in terms of ensuring the children know what to expect on the day of the test in September.

This week our session focus will be non-verbal and spatial reasoning, with a selection of tasks covered to develop skills in these two areas.

We're now heading into the last few term-time sessions of Year 5, since our final term-time session will be during the week that begins Monday 15th July. My expectation is that each child's practice work will continue throughout the summer holiday - to ensure that they return to school 'firing on all cylinders' and ready for the test at the start of Year 6. You'll find details of all the different types of sessions that I have available through the summer holiday in previous posts and on the booking page of my website. If you're yet to make your bookings for holiday sessions then please do so as soon as you can, as many of my group sessions are already fully booked.

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