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Week beginning 8th July

Our session work last week took a little longer than I'd anticipated, meaning we didn't finish all of the tasks that I had planned. I'm sharing below links to a couple of activities that I didn't complete with many of my groups. These are optional (but useful) extra practice work that can be completed at home if you wish.

With only 2 Year 5 term-time sessions remaining, I'll be returning to what needs to be our primary focus - maths and English. This week's session will be an English session and, next week, we'll focus on maths.

If you've been working through your 11+ practice books at a rate of approximately one task each week form each book, you should be nearing the end of the practice tasks from the books you have. This aligns neatly with the end of the school year, when I recommend you switch from practice books to my Summer Holiday Practice Pack - alongside continued daily reading. The activities in the pack have been designed to be completed at a rate of one task per day for the 6 weeks of the summer holiday and provide a balance of focussed practice with enjoyable, engaging and valuable consolidation and revision of the work that we've been doing through the school year.

If you haven't yet purchased your pack, please do so at

using discount code Year5Pupil to access the pack for the reduced cost of £20.

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